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Sen Lotus is passionate, impulsive Indie pop with a touch of classical
songwriting and beautiful, catchy melodies with influences and shades that
can be traced to British, rather than American guitar music. Just imagine,
Bernard Summer (New Order), Ross Millard  (Futureheads) and  Benni Thiel
(Schrottgrenze) as well as  Chris Urbanowicz (Editors) would form a band –
they might sound like Sen Lotus.
    The Band´s currently working on an new album which is due to release in spring 2019

lead vox / guit         peter

back vox / drums /     michael  

sen lotus
- hits you in the face with a slab of British post-punk New wave

single focus
- the monotonous and strong guitar driven breakdown prevents the track from being a new romantic rehash and places ‘Focus’ firmly within the present day sphere of indie-alternative music.

- New Wave influences evokes bands such as Depeche Mode or Pet Shop Boy

  Gina Kershaw Yeah Buddy Blog - Liverpool

Le style pouvait identifier de façon impulsive et fervente.
Songwriting classique et « catchy melodies » influencé de groupe britannique comme New Order, Futureheads et Editors
C´est Sen Lotus´ indie pop !

L´année dernière le groupe était en tournée trois fois et a joué aux festivals d´Irlande et Angleterre en été.
Prochain printemps le groupe revient pour présenter son disque nouveau
« space ».


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