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released date spring 2019

Yeah Buddy Bog Liverpool


Sen Lotus are an Austrian three piece who site British, rather than American, guitar music as their main influence and , quite frankly, this couldn’t be any more obvious; single ‘Focus’ hits you in the face with a slab of British post-punk New wave. ‘Focus’ opens with a jangly acoustic guitar that sets up the basic melody, layered over this is a simple, echoey electric guitar riff that serves as the hook, and attracts your attention. However, it is the synth that underpins this track, serving as the foundation to which every other instrument builds around it, that really exposes the New Wave influences and teamed with the almost flat and emotionless vocal style the track evokes bands such as Depeche Mode or Pet Shop Boys. 

Gina Kershaw

strasse der zuversicht


For your reassurance - there are a lot of potential hits on „Street of Confidence“! The band put in a huge effort to create a big, radiant pop-design; the refinement of the sound and the decision to concentrate on song structure and melodies payed off well and one can hear influences of bands like Kaiser Chiefs and other members of the Indie genre. Those influences will only be perceived as pleasant quotations which do not try to fool the listener's ear or even force themselves into consciousness. „Street of Confidence“ is rarely gentle and innocent and way more direct and immediate than it's predecessor, but at the same time even more radiant and darker.

m. debase

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