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one step


Produced: 2012

Duration : 1:14 min

Titel : one step
has got this green light that came out of rendering the film but makes a perfect atmosphere for this song .
It deals about leaving things behind in life and crossing the border between the past and the future with that one step you make
at least the lyrics are just a layout there so don´t concentrate too much on them
tune in !!




Produced: 2012

Duration: 4:54 min

Titel: focus
filmed at their first european tour in 2012 Sen Lotus played serval shows in Berlin , Manchester and London.
The video was filmed  and cut by Thomas Schwarz who played bass guitar as well. Scenes were taken at Intersoup / Berlin , Cafe Oberholz in Berlin , Alley Cat Bar / London , Sand Bar in Manchester and from couch surfing .
enjoy !!

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